Ultra Light Super Bright LED Loupe Light:

Category: LED Loupe Lights

Model: MedLite LED-CP1 Clip-on and Head-band LED Loupe Light.

  • Clip-on or Head-band LED Loupe Light. Super bright LED (100,000 Lux (max) at 14" working distance). 5~6 inches diameter for center bright area at 21-inch (55cm) working distance.
  • Ultra-lightweight: The LED light weights only 0.4 oz.
  • Includes one free rechargeable battery pack that provides upto 8 hours of operation time at one charge.
  • Two power levels: high (100,000 Lux ,4~5 hours), normal (50,000 Lux ~8 hours).
  • Fast charging with smart charger: 3~4 hours. Additional battery pack can be purchased at low cost.
  • The battery pack weights less than 5.0 oz and measures 3"x2.5"x0.75" (7.5cm x 6.3 cm x 1.9 cm) in dimension. It has a built in clip and can be easily clipped onto a belt or fitted in a pocket.

Package shipped with:
*LED light
*One rechargeable battery pack
*One smart charger (110~240 V)
*Carrying/Storage case
*Lens cloth.



MedLite Led Light with clip-on mounting $359.00, (Was $399)







MedLite Led Light with headband mounting $379.00, (Was $419)





Rechargeable Battery Pack for Led Light $45.00, (Was $69)





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