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Models and Features: 

We manufacture and sell high quality loupes at half the average market price.
How can we do that? Because we are specialized surgical dental loupe manufacturer.
It is factory-direct, directly to your hands without a middle man.
Every penny of your money is spent on better quality and reliability.
In this way, you get above-market quality and design at half of the price.
So enjoy our high quality products and factory direct outlet price.

  • All Loupes are made of premium-grade optical glass. The optics is equivalent to big name brands.
  • All oculars are individually tuned, multi-layer coated for maximum light transmission.
  • Lens edges and all internal metal and plastic surfaces are blackened to maximize image contrast. Loupe mounting is plastic for light weight and durability.
  • We provide a wide variety of frames: alloy metal, titanium and plastic safety frames.
  • We also provide clip-on and headband mount loupes.
  • Ultra lightweight: total weight including frame is only 2.0oz to 3.5oz depending on models.

For orders in large quantity, OEM, and whole sale retail distribution, please contact us. We offer great business partner plans and volume discounts. Please send inquiries to .

Super Sales !!! 

All models are in stock and will be shipped in 1-2 business days.  

MedLite Led Loupe Light with clip-on mounting  $359.00, (Was $399)

Clip-on $239.00, (Was $269.00)  
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2.5x MedLite Dental Surgical Loupes
Model 250-P Ultralight Sporty Safety Frame $259.00, (Was $

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3.0x MedLite Dental Surgical Loupes
Model 300-P  Ultralight Sporty Safety Frame
$279.00, (Was $309)

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3.5x MedLite Dental Surgical Loupes
Model 350-P  Ultralight Sporty Safety Frame $299.00,
(Was $329)

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4.5x MedLite Prismatic Dental Surgical Loupes
Model Prisma 450-P  Ultralight Sporty Safety Frame $439.00,
(Was $469)

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